Welcome to the Ugly Cars Wikia! We hope you have time to quickly have a read through this extremely important page!

While you are anxious to start editing, here are some guidelines and some tips and tricks to use. You should really look at this page before you start improving/adding to this collaborative wikia! This is also one of the very few Wikias across the entire system to have a helpful guide for newcomers! The only website I can recall with one on is the Stronghold Wikia (extremely nice place!)


  • Do not spam on any page whatsoever
  • Add only content about/relating to the subject.
  • Do not add offensive/adult content, nor make a personal page.
  • Scan your edits for mistakes.
  • If you see something waiting to be edited, go for it and get one step closer to high status on the wiki!

Hints and TipsEdit

There are a few other things to know about this wiki. Capitalise all new page names to make the wiki more attractive. Also you are free to request for a user to be banned from the wiki. Just ask me or any administrator and we will wipe them off the wiki as long as there is evidence (page history etc.). This wiki isn't just about info, it's about having a friendly and helpful community.


I am not too fussy about copyright, but you should still have permission from the owner of the picture. I get my pictures from the public domain - Google Images or Picsearch - both useful for screenshots/logos etc.

Ugly Cars Wiki RanksEdit

There are various ranks on the website (all ranks must be posted on your user page), all placed in order - lowest first.

Regular Ranks (Non-admin/bureaucrat)Edit

  • Learner Driver
  • Novice Driver
  • Intermediate Driver
  • Experienced Driver
  • Expert Driver
  • Master Driver

UglyCarian Ranks (Admin/bureaucrat)Edit

  • Learner UglyCarian Driver
  • Novice UglyCarian Driver
  • Intermediate UglyCarian Driver
  • Experienced UglyCarian Driver
  • Expert UglyCarian Driver
  • Master UglyCarian Driver
  • UltimatePlusExtra UglyCarian Driver (founder - me, Luock!)

Notable MembersEdit

Around your travels you will meet various important people who may change your work (don't be offended. Others may spot your mistakes and fix them). If you want to know who they are, read this.

  • Luock - Founder - UltimatePlusExtra UglyCarian Driver